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Reverse Mortgage To Pay Traditional Mortgage

Achievements After 50


Achievements After 50: Paying Off the Mortgage Is #1! If you’re concerned about paying off your mortgage, you’re in excellent ...

Reverse Mortgage

How to Live Smart in the Second Half


Money and Housing and Health, Oh My! How to Live Smart in the Second Half “The times they are a-changin’,” ...

Questions About Retirement

Talking About the Tough Topics


You and your spouse may have been married for decades. You may have a harmonious or tempestuous relationship. But the odds are, one or both of you will want to skirt some of the most important discussions you'll ever have about your later years...

Considering A Reverse Mortgage

You’re Never Too Old


Wisdom for Aging: Part Two When someone is considering a reverse mortgage, one important question is how long you plan ...

A Reverse Mortgage Your Medicare Wont Affect Social Security

Lessons from a 122 year-old woman


Wisdom for Vibrant Aging (Part 1/2) That’s not a typo; the world’s oldest human being for whom we have unequivocal ...

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