Achievements After 50

Reverse Mortgage To Pay Traditional Mortgage

Achievements After 50: Paying Off the Mortgage Is #1!

If you’re concerned about paying off your mortgage, you’re in excellent company: according to a recent study commissioned by the , which asked a thousand people over age 50 what their “proudest achievements” in life were, the number one answer was eminently practical: paying off the mortgage!

Other accomplishments high on the list included “keeping children on the straight and narrow”, and achieving a 30-year marriage. A high salary didn’t figure as especially significant — yet most people thought it was important to be charitable and to help others, even though nearly half (45%) felt that they hadn’t been charitable enough in their life so far.

One of the ways some of those surveyed, as well as anyone else in the second half of life that would like to create a secure future with the resources for philanthropic causes, is to consider a reverse mortgage. Once you have sufficient equity built up in your long-term home, a reverse mortgage will enable you to pay off the traditional mortgage and provide a reserve that can be used as you see fit: for renovations, to assist children and grandchildren — and to suppMake-A-Wish Foundation® UKort worthy causes.

Just 14% of those in the Make A Wish survey felt they would be able to look back and say they contributed to a charity they cared about, while “avoiding unemployment” was seen as a massive achievement.

Whether you’re already in your silver cycle or planning ahead, reverse mortgage can be a key factor in allowing you to live worry-free in your beloved home, while making a selfless contribution to those in need.

Make A Wish Foundation survey of the top 20 biggest achievements in life:

1. Paying off the mortgage
2. Keeping kids on the straight and narrow
3. Maintaining a strong bond with your children
4. Having a marriage that lasts more than 30 years
5. Getting married
6. Staying faithful to your partner
7. Being able to support your family financially
8. Finding true love
9. Making time to watch the children grow up
10. Supporting children through university
11. Not having a criminal record
12. Maintaining a strong bond with your relatives
13. Obtaining a degree
14. Never having experienced unemployment
15. Traveling to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
16. Being home to put the kids to bed most nights
17. Being able to afford nice holidays
18. Always having a clean driving license
19. Being charitable
20. Living as much as you can to help other people